Decorative plates hung on walls are no longer seen in grandparents homes, the trend has been gaining in popularity, and the designs seen in latest ones range from traditional to ultra-contemporary.

Have a look on some traditional art wall plates from our collection:

Decorative Plate History:
To the first question- while plates were in use for a long time before they were thought of as art, they gained traction as an ornamental addition sometime in 14th century when merchants first brought porcelain to Europe from China.

These delicate dishes became popular collectibles among European nobility for their novelty, rarity and beauty. And once they came to be appreciated as art, an increasing number of plates were created for the express purpose of decoration.

Explore our wall plates collection for nature lovers:

You can never have too many wall plates- so long as you have walls, there will always be a blank space to mount ’em! Especially if you’re a chronic collector like me. Plate collections are one of my favorite things to use to decorate large areas of wall space. They are so versatile , and can be used in almost any style of home, from the most contemporary to the ultra traditional and everything in between. So I’ve gathered up some inspiration, not only for myself but also for  you. Ready for some plate wall inspiration?

Masterpieces such as these are  frequently mounted on walls or placed on stands to best display them.


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