A brown color/leather sofa is a classic piece of furniture that works well with a variety of color schemes. Easy to maintain and available in a wide range of styles and budget, the brown color/leather sofa remains one of the most popular pieces of furniture.

Here we share our top inspirational color tips to decorate around your light or dark brown color/leather sofa, whether you are redecorating your living room, cafe or restaurant space.

Color Schemes for Light Brown Sofas:

1. Navy and White

Often referred to as ‘the coastal look’, this delightful color combo is far from going out of fashion. Embrace this casual look with funky patterns, white walls and lots of natural elements, such as light wood, rattan basket and sisal rugs, etc. This fresh palette can take a burst of color too, so look to introduce a few favorite bright shades to make it personal to you.

2. Grey and Teal

Teal and brown are a match made in heaven. However, they can look very cold so it’s important to keep things balanced. A warm grey, the addition of warm medium to dark wood, and soft and rich fabrics(like velvet and wool), would work nicely in a brightly lit home. A few touches of hot pink would also bring a more feminine touch. In a more contemporary setting, you can embrace the coolness of teal with lighter timber, glass, steel and some lime green as an accent color.

3. Neutral and pastels

Sometimes the best color schemes doesn’t actually involve many colors. Layering neutral creates a soothing and inviting atmosphere, and can make the room feel much lighter and brighter. If your walls are off-white or beige,avoid using the same color on your soft furnishings or it will look too beige or boring. Think light blue, soft coral, dusty pink, pale orchid, sage green, light grey and light brown. Bring in some texture with linen, wool, velvet, some brushed metal or unvarnished wood. You can even add a few touches of black( curtain poles, wall sconces) for a more structured look. Make a feature wall with over sized artwork or a photo gallery. Add a statement plant or two and maximize your lighting by creating different ‘nooks’- the idea is to add layers throughout.

This soft color scheme paired with a light brown sofa is also a fantastic way to set a leisurely mood in a cafe or restaurant, where taking the time to enjoy a drink is a priority for the guests.

4. Brown and Gold

This color combination is a little tricky to work with as it can quickly mimic a 70’s throwback! However, when executed well, it can be very elegant and soothing. It looks beautifully rich in rooms that receive lots of natural light and when offset with a base of off-white. A lighter brown sofa is also more suitable than a dark brown one with this color scheme, although you can get away with both! Another perfect color combo if you are furnishing a bar and want to make a statement.

In next blog, we will bring some nice options to complete these looks!

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