About Us

Welcome to NAYANT DÉCOR, an online décor studio. We are the platform for hand–crafted home décor products conceptualized and handcrafted by our exclusive artisans for our valued customers to serve at door step. We aim to provide a platform for making it easier for everyone to select products so that homemakers may express their personal style at home.

Our designs ensure utility, quality, comfort, simplicity and treasure trove of styling ideas for your spaces. All our collections and products are unique and are crafted in small batches. What you buy from us is exclusive and limited edition.

At NAYANT DÉCOR, we strive to keep delivering the products that our customers love. We are a diverse group working together for a shared passion and love for art and creativity. We work tirelessly to find amazing handicraft’s manufacturers all over India and work closely with them to constantly deliver the great products that our customers swear by. By being hands on with all our partners , we can ensure that we are able to constantly keep delivering what our customers want. We aim to find our presence in every home in the coming times.

Here’s hoping that our passion helps brighten up and beautify your spaces…