It is the time when temperature drops, hearts warm up with the joy and excitement of the season. It is the coldest month bringing the warmest memories.

Christmas is round the corner and everyone is busy in shopping and decorating their places. It is the month to take those stars, Christmas trees, baubles and fairy lights back from the storage. The best type of decorations are as eye-catching as they are functional. The nights are soon to turn again glittery after Diwali.The more the lights and colors, the more the happiness and warmth we feel.

So, here are some Christmas Decorating Ideas for beginners to start with :


A Xmas wreath is a declaration of the season all around the world. Hanging one on your door to greet visitors and welcome them into your home is a great start. Wreaths give the perfect smile to those giggly, cheerful Xmas carols and the guests you have invited to share the joy of the festive month.

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No decoration starts without planting a star during this season. Star is the foremost decor you would love to have at your place. It is a complete delight to watch glowing bright stars in the darkness of the cold long nights.

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A lush green Xmas tree in your house, ornamented with colorful fairy lights, glittering baubles, snowflakes, stars and gifts is the perfect way to give the house the cheerful look for the season. Whether you’re set on a color scheme, love one style, or have heirloom ornaments you can’t wait to use, your tree should reflect your taste and personality.

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Warmth giving fireplace becomes warmer with the season. Your fireplace gets a gleeful makeover with the stockings and glitter balls. The mantle is a wonderful way to express your creative side, in addition to being a perfect place to showcase all your favorite decorations.

You can even make a fake mantle by using cardboard and other decorating materials.

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When Christmas is in the air, everything needs to blend in with that spirit. Add a fresh set of linen to your sofa, dining area and on other furniture. Put some more cushions and throws to your sitting area and bedroom with the ultimate combination of red and white. So try to make use of things you already had and that are affordable.


Children are the most excited people during this festive season as Christmas is nothing less than a fantasy time for the kids. So, why not to make it more happening for them. Add small cute details to above the windows, to the chairs and above the bed so that your kid could feel the magic. Many tiny and easy DIY decor ideas are available on internet. Go and find some of them. Remember, it need not always be perfect! You will realize that such fun time you spend with your kids is priceless.


Candles are always a delight at home especially during festivals. A candle gives away its entire being for the sake of light. In Christmas, candles bring that auspicious atmosphere with the passionate glow from its ardent heart. They can add to the beauty of fireplace, the windows, you can change your staircase into an effulgent being by putting lit candles on one or both sides of each stair. Candlelight is warm and inviting, so it’s no surprise that people flock to pick up as many as they can when winter rolls around.

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Christmas baubles are a classic decoration,adorning trees across the world. But there are many other ways you can use baubles to decorate your place this festive month. You can hang them from the window, place them in a bowl, or make a colorful wreath out of them. The possibilities are truly endless! Let there be some color and shimmer during this season.

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The food and the festivals go hand-in-hand, so don’t skip your kitchen when it’s time for Christmas decorations. Dish towels and oven mitts can be swapped out for Christmas-themed counterparts and a rich evergreen garland decorated with red bows and twinkling lights can be laid across the top of cabins, wrapping around your kitchen and giving it a cozy cabin atmosphere.

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The lanterns can be placed indoors or outdoors and scaled to size to suit your needs. There are many ways to fill them too, but all are fun and Christmas-inspired!

Lanterns with a side door are best, since they can be turned upside down and easily filled or have their contents swapped out as you get more ideas throughout the season.

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Hope these essential decor ideas will lit up your place and your heart with joy and happiness.

Wishing you a very prosperous Christmas and Happy New Year 2019!

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